Broccoli quiche

    Broccoli makes a lovely addition to quiche and is a great way to get your greens. Try loads of broccoli quiche recipes here.

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    This cheesy broccoli quiche is an easy way to sneak some more green vegetables into your family's diet!

    Recipe by: sal

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    This recipe is quick and easy way to make spinach, mushroom and broccoli quiche. I added bit of garlic which is optional. You can make this easy by buying shortcrust pastry or making the quiche crustless - both are so tasteful. If you don't want to use crème fraiche, use 150ml of skimmed milk or just use 150ml of crème fraiche instead of both! You can add or change the ingredients if you don't like what I've added :)

    Recipe by: sootybear26

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    This vegetable-packed quiche is cooked in a large, deeper-than-average tin and the pastry is rolled out thinly to give a generous amount of filling and small proportion of pastry in each slice. Serve warm, rather than piping hot or chilled, with a lightly dressed, crisp salad.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    A gorgeous vegetarian quiche made with broccoli, brie cheese and cashews. It has so much flavour! You can make your own pastry but sometimes readymade is so much easier. If you prefer, you can cook the broccoli slightly to soften it before adding to the quiche.

    Recipe by: helicon

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    This broccoli quiche is perfect for dinner, and super easy to prepare. The cheese you use is up to you - Gruyere, Cheddar, feta, Emmental all work a treat. Serve this quiche with a green salad.

    Recipe by: nathalie

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    Here is a perfect quiche for a complete meal. Beef mince is used here, but you can choose your favourite mince - turkey, lamb, pork, etc. When you blanch the broccoli, don't leave it in the boiling water for too long - it should still be crisp and firm.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    Broccoli takes centre stage in this boldly flavoured quiche.

    Recipe by: JAIME LYNN

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    This broccoli and ham quiche is hearty and rustic with a great combination of flavours. Great for picnics, parties, lunches or dinners.

    Recipe by: alaola

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    Finely chopped broccoli, grated Cheddar, eggs, milk and herbs make up the ingredients for this easy quiche recipe. Use your favourite pastry recipe for the base or roll out a block of shortcrust pastry.

    Recipe by: JJSMOM

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    Romanesco, sometimes also known as romanesco cauliflower or romanesco broccoli is a beautiful vegetable, bright green in colour with a striking pattern. It has also a delicate and nutty taste that you can truly appreciate in this Italian quiche.

    Recipe by: ViolaBuitoni

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