Chicken spring rolls

    Make your own Chinese-style chicken spring rolls or have a go at the healthier non-fired version. Check out our dipping sauce recipes too!

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    These popular Chinese light bites, filled with chicken and crisp vegetables, are given a new twist, wrapped with filo pastry rather than the usual wonton wrappers, then baked, not deep-fried. Enjoy with a fruity chutney and an Oriental-style salad, or serve as party nibbles.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    A friend of mine made these spring rolls so I wanted to try making my own - they're not the deep-fried spring rolls you get from your local Chinese but a healthier version. It took a lot more work than I thought to conquer rolling the spring roll wrappers but it was worth it and we had good fun making them! They taste delicious dipped in sweet Thai chilli sauce and the raw veg give them a beautiful crunch.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    These are similar to spring rolls, only healthier. They are made by enclosing a deliciously light chicken filling, in a rice paper wrapper. They are wonderful for summer. Serve with a hot-chilli sauce for dipping.

    Recipe by: Mister Umpire

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    These spring rolls are far healthier than the deep-fried variety. Rice paper wrappers are rehydrated and used to wrap a deliciously flavoursome chicken filling. They are perfect for appetisers.

    Recipe by: Rebecca V

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    These exciting spring rolls are made with a delicious combination of green avocado, red sun-dried tomatoes, crab, chicken and more.

    Recipe by: S. F. Ong

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