Chicken tikka curry (20)

    Find popular and authentic chicken tikka masala recipes to make your own chicken tikka, including a healthier, low fat version.

    Top chicken tikka curry recipes

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    This chicken tikka masala is an easy but flavoursome version of everyone's favourite mild-medium curry!

    Recipe by: Keri

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    Try making your own chicken tikka masala and see how it compares to a takeaway! It's spiced chicken baked in a very hot oven, then added to a rich tomato and curry-based cream sauce.

    Recipe by: Allrecipes

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    Here's my version of this classic chicken curry. I usually make double or triple the quantity of the sauce at one time because it freezes very well. I also add much more than the 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper that I have listed here so please adapt if you prefer more heat.

    Recipe by: Chris

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    Chicken tikka masala slow cooked to perfection in the slow cooker. It doesn't get easier than this! No extra steps, just chuck it all in and wait for delicious results.

    Recipe by: Les Thompson

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    This recipe started out from a demonstration of curry making that I gave to a meeting of Yorkshire Ladies many years ago. It was inspired by recipe ideas from Pat Chapman of The Curry Club and has evolved out of that. It is essentially a two stage recipe that involves making spiced chicken and then a mildly curried tomato sauce. Also, do not be daunted by the long list of spices as you can short cut them out by using prepared curry powders per the first tip at the end of the recipe.

    Recipe by: steenbergs

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