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Don't opt for an Indian takeaway balti chicken curry - make your own with any one of these delicious recipes.

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Chicken curry stir-fry in balti pot, or flat-bottomed wok, with peppers and onion. Goes well with naan. I find it easier to prepare the curry sauce first and allow it to cook slowly on low heat while I prepare the remaining ingredients & begin the stir-fry, so I've organised the recipe into two parts.

Recipe by: Az

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This quick and easy curry uses simple storecupboard ingredients to make a satisfying meal.

Recipe by: UK_Katie

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This is a healthy, low fat, quick chicken balti with plenty of spice. Goes well with warm naan bread, if you don't feel like cooking rice.

Recipe by: alwayshungry

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I like balti curries as for me they are a blend between Chinese stir fries and Indian curries - they are not really of course! Here's my take on chicken balti. It is actually not as bad as the list looks as it is really a case of putting all the ingredients together in a wok to stir fry.

Recipe by: steenbergs

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A very tasty curry with a little bit of a kick in it . . . more chilli, more kick . . . make it to your own requirements. Check my garlic naan recipe out for an accompaniment.

Recipe by: Mixadish

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This is a Balti-style aromatic curry, that can be made with beef, mutton or chicken. You can find Karahi/Fry Gosht curry mix in most supermarkets. Enjoy with rice, chapatti or naan bread.

Recipe by: Mariam Da Costa

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