Chicken enchiladas

Try our authentic Mexican recipe for enchiladas verdes or a cheesy chicken enchilada bake for a quick and easy supper.

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This is a quick and easy recipe. Good for quick suppers.

Recipe by: Debbie Donham

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Yummy comforting dinner for those cold winter evenings. Chicken enchiladas are baked with a creamy cheese sauce.

Recipe by: choccywokky

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Delicious and comforting tortilla wraps filled with chicken, chorizo and corn filling with a tomato, cheese and sour cream topping and baked. Serve with chilli kidney bean rice or buttered jacket potato and salad.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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A simple, yet delicious Mexican inspired casserole. Shredded chicken, Cheddar and green chillies are rolled with flour tortillas, then topped with a creamy cheese sauce, before being baked to perfection.

Recipe by: swannkitten

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This is a cheesy, comforting tortilla and chicken bake that takes only minutes to throw together.

Recipe by: SGRCOOKI

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Kids love it! Mild (not spicy) yet flavourful enchiladas.

Recipe by: Barbara

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Chicken and peppers with cheese, tomatoes and spices. Baked and topped with sour cream. Serve as part of a Mexican feast. Delicious. Makes 2 fat enchiladas.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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This is an authentic recipe for green enchiladas that I learnt from an amazing home cook in Puebla, Mexico. I've been tweaking and perfecting it for over 15 years. To save time, I use ready-cooked chicken from the supermarket, but you can always use leftovers from a Sunday roast! Be conservative with the cream and the cheese.

Recipe by: gema

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A very easy chicken enchilada bake that doesn't require any enchilada sauce. It's creamy, cheesy and quite mild - add the chillies to taste. Use red jalapenos for an even milder version. Serve 2 enchiladas on a plate and surround with lettuce and tomatoes. Top with guacamole and enjoy!

Recipe by: Kate

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Cooked chicken is marinated in a lime, chilli, honey and garlic mixture for 30 minutes, then arranged in a baking dish with layers of flour tortillas, enchilada sauce and grated Mexican cheese. Everyone that tastes this dish really seems to enjoy it!

Recipe by: Jen

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