Potato skins

From cheesy potato skins topped with bolognese to posh potato skins with smoked salmon and dill - we have lots of easy baked and loaded potato skins for you to try.

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Crispy potatoes stuffed with creamy garlic and bacon mash and topped with cheese.

Recipe by: Áine

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These warm smoked salmon bites will be the hit of your next party. Smoked salmon is mixed with fresh yoghurt, dill and capers, and tops crispy potato skins.

Recipe by: Magda

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This potato dish is a really flavorsome treat, can be served either as filled potato skins or as a creative mash potato side dish.

Recipe by: RyanMinion

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Potato skins are usually deep-fried, but brushing with a mixture of olive oil and butter and then baking gives just as good a flavour and crisp texture. Here the potato skins are topped with a herby fromage frais, smoked salmon and dill filling, to make a really special and nutritious snack to enjoy with drinks.

Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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This is a Mexican-inspired appetiser or starter. Baked potatoes are hollowed out, stuffed with cheese, onions, chilli and bacon, baked and served with salsa and soured cream.

Recipe by: barcafamily

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This is a super-easy recipe that is guaranteed to satisfy. Potato skins are stuffed with a simple, yet delicious filling of beef bolognese and a dollop of cheese sauce.

Recipe by: hoollypoolly

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