Chinese chicken stir fry recipes (61)

    Find Chinese chicken chow mein and other chicken noodle stir fries, spicy chicken and broccoli stir fry recipes, chicken fried rice dishes and much more.

    Top Chinese chicken stir fry recipes

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    This is my signature dish, and it never fails to impress! It has a really authentic Chinese flavour. If you like it spicy, add more chilli. If you don't want chicken, swap it for prawns, pork, beef, more veggies, whatever you fancy.

    Recipe by: jennatree

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    Some call it Sichuan, others Szechuan. Either way this stir fried sweet and sticky chicken dish is ready in 10 minutes. Serve with microwaved rice and sugar snap peas or broccoli for a quick and easy midweek meal.

    Recipe by: PUSATERI

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    If you've ever asked for salt and pepper chicken wings / pork / ribs from a Chinese, you know it tastes absolutely amazing. Here is the recipe for making it yourself. It goes great as a side dish for any other Chinese meals. You could also make more of it and have it as a main with chow mein or something similar.

    Recipe by: audio

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    This classic Chinese stir-fry dish is not only delicious, but also very simple to make. Chicken is stir-fried with onions, peppers, bean sprouts and then served in a garlic and black bean sauce.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    This delicious stir fry recipe features cashews, green pepper and water chestnuts. Enjoy with steamed rice, and add more chilli if you prefer it spicy. Perfect for a midweek supper - it's ready in under 30 minutes!

    Recipe by: TRICIA JAEGER

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