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Find lots of comforting recipes for mushroom soup with cream, including creamy potato and mushroom soup, easy morel mushroom soup and more.

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My family loves soup and this is one of their favourites. It has lots of flavour and is fairly quick to make. It's primarily a mushroom soup but derives a lot of its flavour from other ingredients.

Recipe by: HAMM

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You can vary this fresh mushroom soup as much as you like by using different types of mushrooms, or just adding milk instead of cream. Try a pinch of grated nutmeg if you prefer it to cinnamon.

Recipe by: Lori

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This soup is delicious and packed full of mushroomy goodness. Sauteed mushrooms are simmered with chicken stock, sherry and double cream. Enjoy with thick wodges of crusty bread.

Recipe by: Sadie

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This delicious soup is quick and easy to make. Mushrooms are simmered in a creamy soup base, then topped with toasted bread and grated Cheddar cheese.


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Nothing beats the classic mushroom soup. Mushrooms are simmered in chicken stock, then pureed and blended with single cream and sherry. Feel free to experiment with exotic mushrooms, such as shiitake or oyster mushrooms.

Recipe by: Karena

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A simple, yet delicious soup that is packed full of carrots, leeks, potatoes and mushrooms. It's a hearty and satisfying soup to be served during the cold winter months. Enjoy with a crusty bread roll.

Recipe by: DTERESA

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This is a soup even my mushroom hating husband likes!! Ideally served with warm crusty rolls on a winter evening. Not so good as a starter as it is quite filling x

Recipe by: licklelottie

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This delightful cream of mushroom soup is a lovely starter and can be made with mushrooms of your choice, so feel free to experiment!

Recipe by: Janet

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This homemade mushroom soup will rival any store-bought variety. It's rich, creamy and full of flavour. Serve with crusty bread for a substantial lunch or dinner. Feel free to experiment with exotic mushrooms, such as shiitake or oyster.

Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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A delicious change from your average mushroom soup. This mushroom soup is well flavoured and has the addition of quinoa. It's perfect for a first course when served with a crusty bread roll.

Recipe by: HOGGWILD5

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