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This is a great vegetarian pasta dish with healthy vegetables and a creamy sauce with white wine and garlic.

Recipe by: Kuechen_PIONIER

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Mini meatballs are cooked gently in a rich tomato sauce, then combined with penne and cheese and baked till warm and bubbly. Kids will especially love this dish, but it's an all-round family pleaser for sure. Perfect to prepare up to 24 hours in advance, then bake when ready. Cut leftovers in portions and freeze for the week!

Recipe by: NonnaPia

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The classic, spicy arrabbiata pasta dish is transformed into a quick and easy family favourite with the addition of chunks of tender chicken breast.

Recipe by: Barilla

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Aubergine, fresh prawns and crushed garlic are cooked in olive oil and tossed with penne pasta and fresh herbs to create this classic Italian dish.

Recipe by: Barilla

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Once you make this wonderful pasta, it will soon become a firm favourite. Penne and prawns are tossed in a wine glaze and served with Parmesan.

Recipe by: EMMYJAY1

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I recently discovered that cream cheese makes a delicious creamy sauce for pasta when mixed with chicken stock. Add chunks of chicken, spinach leaves, tomatoes and whatever pasta you like and you'll have dinner ready in under half an hour!

Recipe by: OURGANG

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This scrumptious pasta dish combines all the traditional flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine: aubergine, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, oregano and black olives.

Recipe by: AbuMartha

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The colours of the Italian flag or 'tricolore' are all represented in this quick and easy pasta dish. It might sound simple but do what the Italians do...use the ripest cherry tomatoes, the freshest basil and mozzarella, as well as the best extra virgin olive oil you can find! It will make all the difference to the taste of the final dish.

Recipe by: saretta

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Known in Italy as 'Penne alla boscaiola', this is a traditional dish made of porcini mushrooms, pancetta and olives in a tomato or cream sauce. Make sure to pick a ridged pasta, such as penne or rigatoni, so it will trap the sauce better.

Recipe by: Andry008

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Passed down from my mum from a friend of my dad's, the late Mark Lasey. They went round for a dinner after the pub one night and all he had was mushrooms, onions, minced beef, baked beans and pasta that could have gone together as a dish. The dish was a success and we have now perfected it as a favourite family dish and have named it Laseyona after my dad's dear friend.

Recipe by: Andi

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