Halloween cupcakes

    Whip up a batch of Halloween cupcakes and watch them become the hit of your Halloween party! We have spider cupcake recipes, pumpkin cupcakes and lots more.

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    This pumpkin cupcake with a cinnamon-cream cheese icing is a brilliant treat in autumn.

    Recipe by: Javaru

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    These are a great for a children's Halloween party! Chocolate cake mix is an easy option when you are making so many. Use liquorice laces for the legs and mini jelly beans or Smarties for the eyes.

    Recipe by: Heatherly Noble

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    I used two recipes on the site to create these cute mummy cup cakes. The kids love these cakes at Halloween. If you're short for time, use a shop bought choc muffin mix instead!

    Recipe by: mumofsix

    67 reviews

    These easy peasy cupcakes are great at Halloween! I always bring these ghoulish treats to kiddie parties. You can use your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe to make these cakes from scratch, if desired.

    Recipe by: Liz Harrison

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    These spider cupcakes are loads of fun for the little ones round Halloween! If you get shop-bought cupcakes, these will be ready in a flash. Or, start with your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe.

    Recipe by: spider cake

    79 reviews

    Have fun in the kitchen making these creepy crawly fairy cakes. It uses an easy chocolate fairy cake recipe, and the spider web design is surprisingly easy to achieve.

    Recipe by: G. R.

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    Enjoyable chocolate muffins. Great fun to make for you and the kids for that spooky time of the year.

    Recipe by: maz

    24 reviews

    A favourite at kids' Halloween parties. Use a shop bought choc cake mix and icing if you're pressed for time, or use your own cake and icing recipes to prepare these cupcakes from scratch.

    Recipe by: Sarah

    651 reviews

    These cupcakes are light, moist, fluffy and packed full of flavour. The crystallised ginger adds a delicious heat to these cakes. Enjoy them for dessert, afternoon tea or elevenses.

    Recipe by: OVIEDOGIRL

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    Chunky chocolate chip sponge, a swirl of decadent frosting and a face made from Maltesers®, cherries and white chocolate buttons so they look like mice.

    Recipe by: DonnaR200

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