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    Pucker up to your very own homemade pickles, including piccalilli, pickled eggs, pickled beetroot and more.

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    This tastes a hundred times better than anything you could buy in the shops. Amazingly it tastes pretty good as soon as it's cooled, but ideally it should be left for at least a month to allow the flavours to develop. We've opened jars after 6 months and they are even better! Ginger makes this quite fiery, you might want to adjust the quantity to suit your own taste. Vegetables can be varied according to personal preference; red peppers and sweetcorn are suggestions.

    Recipe by: Tomsmum

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    I made these when I had my pub, and they were always a hit. I made them in large batches because of the standing time, but have scaled the recipe for home use.

    Recipe by: Rayna Jordan

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    For those who find the usual recipes for pickled cucumbers and gherkins too much work, these crunchy pickled cucumbers with dill are a must! I make them every year when I'm drowning in cucumbers from the garden. The cucumbers are done after 4-6 days and they keep up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

    Recipe by: gartenfee

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    Make your own homemade pickled ginger to serve with sushi or your favourite Japanese dishes. Pickled ginger is called gari or amazu shoga in Japanese. It's served with sushi or sashimi and eaten between different kinds of sushi. It helps to clean your taste buds and enhance the flavours.

    Recipe by: Phoena

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    A simple and easy way to make your own pickled beetroot. Beetroots are boiled until tender, then pickled in vinegar with whole cloves. Use in recipes that call for pickled beetroot.

    Recipe by: SHARON HOWARD

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