Apple pudding (21)

What better autumn dessert is there than a warm apple pudding? We have loads of delightful apple pudding recipes to try for a perfect use of local apples.

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Apple slices and cinnamon-nutmeg spiced cubes of bread are cooked in a slow cooker to make this easy dessert. Serve with custard or ice cream for a heavenly end to a meal.

Recipe by: rachel gillespie

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A delightful dessert that combines traditional bread pudding with apples and a crumbly streusel topping. If you want to roll out your own shortcrust pastry, use it to line a 23cm (9 in) baking dish.

Recipe by: MBSLACK14

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This recipe was invented by my sister, who like myself, enjoys a traditional bread and butter pud, but isn't so keen on the dried fruit element. The toffee melts into it, and with the apples, makes a delicious alternative.

Recipe by: Natalie21

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A lighter and very moist version of Christmas pudding made with grated carrots and apples instead of lots of dried fruit.

Recipe by: rosie

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I use eating apples so less sugar is needed but it's still as good as the traditional classic.

Recipe by: Katie O

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