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Try our pear crumble recipes for a delicious but easy change from the norm. We have loads of ways with pears to enjoy!

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This pear crumble is a nice change from the usual crumble and a deliciously sweet way to use local pears. Serve with custard or ice cream.

Recipe by: liz

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Luscious ripe pears make for a delectable crumble! You don't need too much sugar as pears are already so sweet. Try this pear crumble with any pear variety that you can find.

Recipe by: dudey

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This recipe takes the traditonal apple crumble to a new dimension. Apples, cranberries and pears are topped with a buttery and oaty crumble, before being baked to perfection.

Recipe by: Barb Y

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A delicious alternative to the classic apple crumble. Pears and crystallised ginger are topped with a butter-oat crumble, before being baked to perfection. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Recipe by: JAYDA

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This crumble is a real treat for fruit lovers. 1kg pears and 500g blackberries are baked under a buttery almond crumble. Enjoy as is, with cream, ice cream or custard.

Recipe by: Rita

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One of the nicest crumbles I have ever eaten and certainly not for dieters. Lovely sweet tasting, with great textures. Perfect with custard or ice cream.

Recipe by: Matt421

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Make the classic crumble into something special with this almond and pear version. You could easily use another nut - walnuts, pecans or even pistachios - if almonds aren't your favourite.

Recipe by: vickie

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It's quick and easy to make and came to me when I wanted to use up some walnuts. A tin of pears and a quick crumble topping made a delicious dessert.

Recipe by: DarkSky38

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