Roast chicken breasts

Roast chicken breasts are great for midweek and much quicker than roasting a whole chicken. Find loads of easy and succulent roast chicken breast recipes here.

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The simplest, most delicious chicken recipe I know - anyone can make it! Roast a few extra whole garlic cloves to spread on crusty bread as a great starter to this meal.

Recipe by: BettyBoothroyd

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Bacon-wrapped chicken drumsticks and thighs with baby new potatoes, roasted with onions and herbs - a very delicious and simple dinner. We love dark chicken meat, but you can use chicken breasts if your prefer. My husband loves it.

Recipe by: cfcooks

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This was the first meal I cooked for my fiancee.

Recipe by: Fortune83

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An fairly easy to cook dish with a kick. Quite a healthy dish with plenty of vegetables and fairly cheap too. Just scale down the portions for fewer people. I tend to make it as described and chill the remainder for lunches.

Recipe by: steveg001

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Chicken breasts topped with garlic and onions, then roasted in lemon juice and white wine. A simple, light supper when paired with a green salad.

Recipe by: SANCAL25

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This is a really simple, delicious way of pimping up a chicken breast. Goes great with any veg (grilled, steamed, roasted), can be accompanied by a wide range of sauces (BBQ, sweet chilli, even cranberry). I've used a red onion and mushroom gravy which is what really makes this top notch!!!

Recipe by: cln83

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This is my version of a pub classic that I hope you enjoy. Serve with oven chips and onion rings.

Recipe by: retters

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The quantity of sauce with this would easily cover another chicken breast and serve 3. Despite the quantity of garlic used I did not find this overpowered the recipe. This is based on a Weight Watcher recipe. It would work well served with potato wedges.

Recipe by: marooncat

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A family friendly mid-week dish that's low in fat and cholesterol.

Recipe by: Rachel Warren Chadd

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It's rolled up chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus and red peppers. It's what my Dad makes for a special dinner. I absolutely love it and I'm willing to share for others to try.

Recipe by: MJNabz

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