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    Find whole roast chicken recipes for a succulent roast dinner centrepiece, or to roast chicken to use in packed lunches and suppers throughout the week!

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    Chicken wrapped in greaseproof paper to trap all the wonderful juices - keeps beautifully moist!

    Recipe by: Helen H

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    A juicy, roast chicken recipe with lots of garlic, rosemary and lemon.

    Recipe by: Jennifer Goldberg

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    A back-to-basics roast chicken recipe that is a staple in all Greek homes. Lemon, oregano, salt and pepper - and that's all you need for a gorgeous Greek roast chicken. There are variations to 'kotopoulo sto fourno', but this is the delicious bare-bones version that will become a family favourite.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Gorgeous roast chicken and vegetables with all the taste but healthier!

    Recipe by: YummyStepford

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    This is a wonderful way to prepare your Sunday roasted chicken using fragrant fresh herbs from the garden - just plan ahead so it has time to marinade.

    Recipe by: Beverly Auguadro

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    This recipe will create the most tender and flavoursome chicken. Oranges are used to flavour this dish. Use the stock left in the bottom of the pan to make gravy.

    Recipe by: Nellie Fiorenzi

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    This recipe for lemon roast chicken is very special to me. My mum always made it for Sunday lunch. Putting a whole lemon in the cavity of the chicken really works wonders as the lemon aroma penetrates through every piece of the chicken as well as the house! You'll need 2 lemons - one for juice and one to keep whole.

    Recipe by: amy

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    A whole chicken sprinkled with fresh lemon and paprika is cooked slowly with lemon halves inside. This recipe is very easy and the chicken always stays tender and moist.

    Recipe by: MOLLYMARIE

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    Whole chicken is marinated in a spice mix of cloves, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon then roasted. If you want an ultra-moist roast chicken, rotate the chicken by 180 degrees every 15 minutes, during the cooking time.

    Recipe by: INDRIANI

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    This is an oriental-inspired roast chicken dish. You can joint the chicken or carve the meat at the table. The chicken is so flavoursome, you won't need any sauce to serve with it. It's best served with steaming rice.

    Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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