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    The smell emanating from your oven when this roast is cooking, will make your mouth water. Break away from the norm and try this for Sunday lunch. This pork is also delicious sliced thin and used in sandwiches.

    Recipe by: DARLA C.

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    A dry blend of caraway seeds, black pepper, salt and sage is rubbed over a boneless loin of pork for a succulent and delicious roast.

    Recipe by: CARLOSA

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    Want something a little different for your Sunday roast? Look no further. This dish is delicious and adds a bit of 'zing' to boring old pork.

    Recipe by: madakege

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    Pork has an undeserved reputation for being fatty. Modern breeding and butchery techniques mean that many cuts are now extremely lean.

    Recipe by: Rachel Warren Chadd

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    Whenever I roast a pork loin, this is the technique I use to make pork crackling while the pork is resting. The key is to score the thick layer of fat on top, then slice it off in one piece, then set it back on top of the pork loin while it's cooking. While the pork rests, if you need to crisp the skin even more - crank up the oven and cook for a further 10 minutes or until it's crispy.

    Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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    Roast pork with apple sauce, an all-time favourite, is given a new twist in this dish inspired by German cuisine. It is absolutely delicious served with roast or jacket baked potatoes and seasonal green vegetables.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This recipe came from my mum. It takes little time since it requires basting, but the end result is worth it. Makes a truly delicious meal served with mashed potatoes and green vegetables.

    Recipe by: JESHENBA

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    A small pork roast is marinated in a sweet-sticky ginger and garlic sauce, then cooked until evenly brown. Serve with white rice and steamed vegetables.

    Recipe by: ZAYO

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    This is a great autumn roast. The pork loin is perfectly seasoned and roasted, then roasted further with apples and onions. The juices make a lovely gravy with a hint of sweetness. Those who love to mingle sweet and savoury flavours will adore this!

    Recipe by: PMCHAPMAN

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    This roast pork recipe is a delicious centrepiece for the festive season. The flavours of cranberry, apple and pecan really add something special to the stuffing mix.

    Recipe by: tahoegirl

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