Roast lamb shoulder

    A lamb shoulder joint is a succulent and forgiving joint, especially perfect for slow roasting. Check out loads of easy and delicious recipes for roast lamb shoulder.

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    Lamb shoulder is slow roasted to perfection with irresistible Greek flavours of citrus and oregano. Be sure to use Greek oregano for the most authentic result. For a unique serving idea, try a spread of tzatziki, soft pitta bread and crisp romaine salad.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Slow roasted lamb shoulder with butternut squash, leeks and courgettes in a red wine rosemary sauce.

    Recipe by: Ariella

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    The California Prune Board has developed the recipe for California Prune and Mint Stuffed Shoulder of Lamb – perfect for the occasion.

    Recipe by: starvingannabelle

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    Slow roasting is perfect for lamb shoulder, resulting in melt-in-the-mouth meat that falls off the bone. Follow this method and you won't be disappointed!

    Recipe by: yummers

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    With Christmas just around the corner, millions of us are rushing around madly as we prepare for the biggest day of the year. Let’s face it, for many of you women out there, the festive season can be a little stressful, so why not let your man have more of a say and do Christmas his way? You might be pleasantly surprised!

    Recipe by: BroadcastHub

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    Roasting the lamb shoulder at low temperature makes it wonderfully tender. I roast the veg alongside so it is a one pot dish and easy cleanup.

    Recipe by: hannelore

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    This traditional Greek dish is ever popular thanks to the simple yet powerful flavours of the lamb and fresh herbs. The delightful individuality of this dish lies in its method of cooking, which involves wrapping and sealing the joint inside a paper package trapping in the moisture and resulting in a juicy joint.

    Recipe by: rolypoly

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    Slow cook this wonderful Greek dish for best results. Kleftiko is a wonderfully simple dish, cooked inside a parcel of paper which traps the moisture resulting in a melt in the mouth texture and flavour sensation.

    Recipe by: CinderellaToes

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    Juicy lamb will melt in your mouth when slow roasted over a bed of sliced potatoes. Best when allowed to cook ever so slowly and ideal for a family Sunday gathering. Once the lamb is in you can continue supervising from a comfy armchair - and that's my kind of cooking!

    Recipe by: Bluebell

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    Thanks to the fresh air, green fields and perfect conditions for raising livestock, the flavour and tenderness of Welsh lamb is arguably world class. Slow roast a shoulder of Welsh lamb for a special occasion and serve with mint sauce, seasonal vegetables and oodles of gravy.

    Recipe by: MyfanwyR

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