Spelt bread

Stoneground spelt flour adds a delicious nutty taste to bread. While it isn't appropriate for gluten-free diets, spelt bread can usually be tolerated by people with gluten sensitivities.

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This bread is made with spelt flour. Spelt is an ancient species of wheat, and spelt flour is readily available in most supermarkets.

Recipe by: Diane

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These scones are a little denser than normal but the spelt flour gives them a delicous nutty flavour. Best served warm.

Recipe by: Joy

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This recipe makes a really flavourful brown loaf with a crispy crust. The mixture of flours complement each other giving an ‘airy’ texture and full flavour. I have called it ‘Legionnaire bread‘ as the Roman Legions baked with spelt flour. I very much like this bread.

Recipe by: 2003buzz

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Spelt can be used in place of regular flour for some people with a wheat allergy, and no one may be the wiser as the taste is quite similar.

Recipe by: Patsy Wilson

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Spelt flour adds a nice nutty taste to homemade bread. I prefer to make it dairy free and find that rice milk works well.

Recipe by: COWGIRL835

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Spelt is an excellent candidate for soda bread and makes a tasty loaf that some people find easier to digest than regular wheat. This bread calls for sesame seeds, as well, but you can omit them if liked, or substitute them for another seed, like sunflower.

Recipe by: Jean Roberts

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There’s a particular brand of crispbread that I absolutely love. Dr Karg. They’re soooo tasty. But also, pretty pricey. So I decided it was time to make my own.

Recipe by: Patitam902

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I based this recipe on a traditional Roman spelt loaf. It is very simple and very easy to make. I am not a bread expert but so far every loaf has come out great with little variation.

Recipe by: abblesauce

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This crispy 100% spelt flatbread is super versatile. Use as you would pitta bread for dipping into houmous and the like. Or add your favourite pizza toppings to make it a pizza base. And, of course, simply enjoy on its own alongside your favourite meal.

Recipe by: Carol Castellucci Miller

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This easy, yeast-free bread is made with quinoa, spelt flour, almond milk and seeds. Add a hint of sweetness from treacle or honey.

Recipe by: LindiK

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