Find a fabulous variety of Italian focaccia bread recipes such as rosemary focaccia, tomato and herb, Parmesan oregano and much more.

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    This is a lovely doughy bread drizzled with olive oil and rock salt, which is a perfect side with pasta dishes.

    Recipe by: pheebs11

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    There isn't an easier recipe for focaccia. This focaccia recipe is great for sandwiches, as well as for parties. It is a great base focaccia recipe to which you can add dried or chopped fresh herbs, olives or grated cheese. You may use more or less olive oil or salt if you wish.

    Recipe by: MORTICIA_ADDAMS

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    This recipe is for a bread machine but you can make it in the traditional way too. It's practically a meal in itself! Perfect for picnics with salad or serve a big chunk of this with a bowl of soup.

    Recipe by: Margaret Dunk

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    This rather indulgent focaccia builds on a traditional white bread recipe. Swap the onion and jalapeños for sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, olives or whatever you prefer. Great served with antipasti and red wine.

    Recipe by: EmilyBoardman

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    With airy, rustic Italian focaccia, endless variations are possible, but one of the best is with black kalamata olives and rosemary. The salty, moist olives add so much flavour!

    Recipe by: foodfanatic

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    Light and tasty, this focaccia is easy to prepare and is great served by itself or with a plate of cold meats.

    Recipe by: Carmencita

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    Recipe for focaccia worked by hand. You can add the flavours of your choice to make something rather special. Great with oils and balsamic vinegars, dipped in juices from meatball sauces, added to salads, and many more options.

    Recipe by: cally

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    For a truly Italian focaccia dough follow this recipe. You'll find a secret or two that makes all the difference. Top as you like, or just with good quality extra virgin olive oil, cherry tomatoes and oregano for a vegan-friendly option.

    Recipe by: FrancescaM

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    A twist on the top! An easy to make but flavoursome stunning looking focaccia topped with potato, onion and rosemary.

    Recipe by: Fordy73

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    The smell of baking focaccia is sumptuous; close your eyes and get swept away to an Italian cafe on the water front with a glass of prosecco and a slice of focaccia. My children love this bread so much so that I have to keep guard on it before serving because they will devour the loaf in the blink of an eye.

    Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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