Garlic bread (26)

Find easy recipes for garlic naan bread, cheesy garlic bread, veggie-topped and pesto garlic bread, and much more. Try your hand at making your own garlic bread rolls or bread machine garlic bread.

Top garlic bread recipes

4 reviews

This wonderful bread is chewy, garlicky and very cheesy. It's easy to make and everyone will love it. Enjoy with Italian dishes or salad.

Recipe by: Gina S.

3 reviews

A yummy cheap version of the classic garlic bread - so easy to make too. Serves 2 as a side to pasta or soup. Can also be served with curry intead of naan bread.

Recipe by: Laceylea

1 review

A delicious take on the traditional garlic bread. French bread is topped with a Parmesan, garlic and herb butter and then toasted until golden. It's a wonderful side dish to any Italian meal.

Recipe by: Sarah

3 reviews

This garlic bread is the perfect side dish to go with Italian dishes, such as pasta or soups. Roasted garlic is blended with butter, parsley and Parmesan, spread on ciabatta and grilled to perfection.

Recipe by: Dana

12 reviews

A fairly quick garlic naan that I experimented with. This dough can be used for pizzas and bread as I do all the time and it is a big hit with the family. I make a double batch of dough at a time, leave it to expand and then what I don't use I put in the fridge.

Recipe by: Mixadish

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