Sweetcorn recipes (141)

Whether fresh or tinned, sweetcorn makes a meal. We've luscious sweetcorn soups, moreish sweetcorn fritters, sweetcorn chicken chowder and sweetcorn tuna dishes, plus lots more.

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The best BBQ sweetcorn recipe you'll encounter. The sweetcorn is tender, succulent and totally delicious. Ears of sweetcorn are soaked in brine for 30 minutes, then cooked on the barbecue, brushed with butter and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Recipe by: Holly

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A delicious winter warmer soup. Perfect for lunch with a crusty roll.

Recipe by: smillingbeinghappy

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This black bean salad is healthy, fresh and colourful, and includes a very tasty lime dressing. It's super easy to make, and perfect for picnics or packed lunches.

Recipe by: Jen

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In this recipe, crisp, juicy sweetcorn kernels are added to a thick batter flavoured with chilli and fresh coriander, and then pan-fried in big spoonfuls. Piled on a bed of watercress and drizzled with a minted spring onion and yogurt sauce, the fritters make a delicious quick meal.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This is a light summertime pasta. It's a great way to use tomatoes fresh from your garden. It takes almost no time to prepare and tastes delicious.

Recipe by: simmig


Creamy corn empanadas
Creamy corn empanadas

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