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Find deliciously tangy key lime cheesecake recipes or keep it simple and try one of our no bake lime cheesecakes. We have key lime cheesecake recipes, ginger lime cheesecake and more.

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Creamy and tangy all at the same time - a lush cheesecake that cleanses the palate whilst fulfilling that sweet tooth! It's gelatin-free, which means it's suitable for vegetarians. I warn you now - this recipe has no exact measurements, it's purely a guideline, the rest is done to taste.

Recipe by: illustrated-girl

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A deliciously different no-bake cheesecake with a gingery base and creamy lime filling. It's tart, tangy and absolutely delicious. It's super-easy to make and can be made a few days in advance.

Recipe by: RB1953

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A delicious, fresh recipe!!

Recipe by: BabyCnashCnash95

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Quick and easy tangy but creamy no bake cheesecake, with a little lime and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie base.

Recipe by: El

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A deliciously refreshing cheesecake. A ginger nut biscuit base is topped with two flavours of cheesecake mix - one lime, one coconut. The whole cheesecake is then served with a homemade mango coulis.

Recipe by: CC

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This lovely unbaked lime cheesecake is gelatine free and full of wonderful citrus lime flavours which go hand in hand perfectly with the cool creamy cream cheese.

Recipe by: HayleyWilliams

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A delicious and no-bake lemon and lime cheesecake that is brilliantly easy to make. If you prefer one fruit over the other, use just either the lemon or the lime.

Recipe by: jaffajess

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This lovely baked lime cheesecake is a winner every time and a great option for summer barbecues and summer al fresco dining. Ensure you leave plenty of time for the cheesecake to cool then chill thoroughly.

Recipe by: Brendan

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This is a recipe for a simple lime cheesecake. The lime flavour is not too strong and this is an invigorating dessert to serve after a rich meal.

Recipe by: MabelMorris

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A delicious tangy dessert if you like lime. Key limes are smaller and more bitter than regular limes. However, if you can't find key limes, use the same amount of zest and juice from normal limes. The taste won't be identical but close enough.

Recipe by: BLUEKAT76

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