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    Find a whole range of sweet sauces to complement your favourite puddings and desserts. From rich toffee and chocolate sauce recipes to fresh vanilla custard, fruit coulis and more. You decide whether to drizzle or pour!

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    25 reviews

    A rich, sticky toffee sauce that's perfect for ice cream, sponge puddings or fruit.

    Recipe by: JESABELLA

    6 reviews

    For years I used custard powder... but one day I tried to make custard myself. It's really easy to make and with this recipe, no lumps and no worries!

    Recipe by: matoutina

    682 reviews

    This simple strawberry topping is delicious on pancakes, ice cream or in trifles. Perfect for when strawberries are in season.

    Recipe by: HEISLORD5

    256 reviews

    A runny chocolate syrup made with cocoa powder. Lovely poured on ice cream or over chocolate sponge pudding.

    Recipe by: sal

    No reviews

    A really simple toffee sauce, or if you cook it for longer, it can go from being soft and gooey to a hard candy form. It's really yummy, and I have a sweet tooth, so I have it on cake, ice cream, all sorts of things. A really easy and sweet toffee sauce, that can be made and stored so easily. I suggest 1/6 of a tin for a serving, because it is a very rich sauce.

    Recipe by: dellkitty

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      Dulce de leche
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      Chocolate ganache
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      Vanilla pastry cream

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