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From plum jam and cherry cakes to fresh peach chutney and apricot chicken - find an abundance of sweet and savoury recipes using summer's stone fruits.

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In my hurry to use up some peaches, I came up with this muffin recipe. It turned out so good, just like peach crumble in a muffin, that I thought I'd share it with everyone! This is also really good cake! Just increase the baking time to 1 hour at 180C and use 2 loaf tins.

Recipe by: FBGMOMOF4

1 review

A quick and classic cherry clafoutis, made the authentic French way with the stones still tin the cherries. Should you wish to avoid the stones when enjoying this gorgeously simple dessert, you can remove them prior to baking.

Recipe by: Narno

56 reviews

An easy jam for first-timers. Once you taste home-made you'll never buy store-bought again! The colour depends on the variety of the plums you use - the above picture used English Victoria plums, yellow/light skins. Red plums produce red jam, dark plums produce a darker jam. The taste is the same.

Recipe by: proofofthepudding

38 reviews

A super-delicious cake, which is a great way of using plums when in-season. A buttery sponge cake is topped with plums, cinnamon and sugar, before being baked to perfection. Serve with cream or whipped cream.

Recipe by: sophia

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A delicious tagine recipe cooked in the slow cooker. Chicken, onions, apricots, raisins and spices are slow-cooked and then served with plain couscous. Enjoy for a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: Ellen R

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