Blondies are 'blonde' brownies, made without chocolate and lighter in colour. Find loads of blondie recipes here, including white chocolate blondies, fruity blondies and more!

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    These blondies are absolutely the best! They are light, fluffy and taste great too! After you've made them once you'll want to make them again and again. Easy to make.

    Recipe by: minnieg2003

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    These bars are equivalent to brownies without the chocolate. Not only are they quick and easy to make, but they also taste fantastic! Enjoy with a big mug of tea or serve warm with vanilla ice cream.


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    A white chocolate version of the classic favourite, loved by many, and a real treat with a cup of tea. If you have a sweet tooth, you will adore these. Replace the macadamia with almonds or cherries for variation.

    Recipe by: EH

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    Totally mouth-watering, this treat is suitable for any occasion and is ideal for a treat in your packed lunch.

    Recipe by: maeveanne2426

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    If you like chewy chocolate brownies, but also love butterscotch, then try this recipe for butterscotch blondies. They're moreish and delicious and really easy to make. The butterscotch icing is to die for. Great for cake sales.

    Recipe by: Heather

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    Blondies are brownies with a twist !! Using white chocolate and peanut butter creates a really different taste contrast to conventional brownies.... Anyway, enjoy !!!

    Recipe by: Comedinewithme

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    A recipe for rich and utterly delicious blondies, with that perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Ready in less than 30 minutes! Use chunky peanut butter if you like the peanut bits, though smooth peanut butter will work as well.

    Recipe by: CINDY-BEE

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    A friend shared this recipe with me many years ago. It's been a favourite in our family ever since, and now my kids make it themselves when bored...It's super fast, super easy and can be made into several interesting versions. For example, you may want to add nuts, desiccated coconut or chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: Lenam

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    The best of both worlds, this recipe is a marbled mix of blondie and brownie. A treat for the family have with ice cream or double cream, but also nice on its own.

    Recipe by: lotsofcake

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    Moist and ridiculously delicious apple blondies. Bake these perfectly spiced blondies in a cast-iron frying pan for a unique presentation that elevates these from midday snack to impressive dinner party dessert when served warm with ice cream!

    Recipe by: MomZilla (Evin)

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