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    9 reviews

    A warming family friendly supper all in one pan! Satisfying potatoes combine with chicken, tinned tomatoes and herbs and spices.

    Recipe by: Potato Council

    2 reviews

    Stay true to the classic Italian version of spaghetti alla carbonara which simply uses 4 key ingredients: egg yolks, Pecorino cheese, smoked bacon and spaghetti.

    Recipe by: Barilla

    2 reviews

    A quick and easy version of the classic Mexican-style dish that makes great use of leftover beef. Crispy tortilla chips are topped with chilli con carne, salsa and cheese.

    Recipe by: Tesco

    8 reviews

    Here in Ireland, we're no strangers to a bit of drizzle, but when it comes in the form of this deliciously zesty lemon drizzle cake, you won't hear anyone complaining about it! It's a great afternoon treat whatever the weather.

    Recipe by: Dairygold

    2 reviews

    The classic, spicy arrabbiata pasta dish is transformed into a quick and easy family favourite with the addition of chunks of tender chicken breast.

    Recipe by: Barilla