Fruit cobbler recipes (35)

Forget the hassle of making pastry - top all sorts of fruit with a tender sweet scone mixture to create colourful and delicious fruit cobblers. We have recipes for peach, blackberry and apple, cherry, blueberry and more!

Top fruit cobbler recipes

10 reviews

I usually use ripe peaches and lightly sugared berries, but any variation will work! Serve warm with ice cream, custard or whipped cream.

Recipe by: Victor

5 reviews

A cobbler is similar to a crumble, but with a light scone-like topping. Rhubarb makes a perfect cobbler, though you can also try this with other fruits of your liking.

Recipe by: Jill Saunders

10 reviews

Very simple fruit pudding cooked with a scone topping; you can use almost any kind of fruit, just vary the amount of sugar accordingly.

Recipe by: Heather

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This dessert is quick and easy to prepare. A soft and light sponge base is topped with an abundance of sliced peaches. Serve with a dusting of icing sugar, ice cream or cream.


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Blueberries take centrestage in this magnificent and easy-to-make blueberry cobbler. Not too sweet, but just right. Perfect to serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. This recipe also works a treat with other fruits, such as cherries, blackberries, sliced peaches and halved apricots.

Recipe by: Jen

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