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    Find authentic and easy South African recipes, including favourites like bobotie, malva pudding and milk tart.

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    A delicious tasting meatloaf, which is simple to make and tastes fab. Beef mince is baked with sultanas, chutney, almonds, lemon zest and other seasonings. Enjoy thickly sliced for dinner or lunch. It makes the perfect sandwich filler!

    Recipe by: Kirsten

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    Cooking the rice with the rest of the ingredients came from my South African upbringing. It's my family's ultimate comfort food. I often make 2 lots up - 1 for the chili lovers and another (minus the hot stuff) for the chili haters! Both are extremely tasty and easy to prepare. Can be reheated next day too if you make too much! You can also add more veg depending on what's in the fridge.

    Recipe by: catmeow666

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    This South African dried, cured meat is something special to the family and a much requested favourite at Christmastime. Use any marinade - just prepare enough to cover your meat. You will also need string and a warm place to hang your meat.

    Recipe by: thecholl

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    This traditional South African meatloaf recipe is packed with flavour.

    Recipe by: Caryn

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    Bobotie is the South African version of meatloaf. It is made with dry bread, mango chutney and lots of spices. If you don't own a cast-iron pan that can go from the hob to the oven, cook everything in a frying pan first, then transfer to a baking dish.

    Recipe by: Krenzlich

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    Tastiest date squares I have tasted yet!! Simple ingredients for an absolutely divine tasting confectionary.

    Recipe by: LEIGHANNSA

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    Very nice type of set milk tart, typical from South Africa

    Recipe by: hzaayman

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    Just four ingredients come together in this easy but delicious pud. This is a very rich, but tasty dessert. It is normally eaten in the summer, but it is good for special occasions, or just anytime.

    Recipe by: hulagirl

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    A great South African sauce, to turn your steak or burger, pork ribs or grilled chicken into a restaurant experience.

    Recipe by: marion13

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    A traditional South African dessert.

    Recipe by: y_hutton

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