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    Chillies range from being numbingly spicy to having a pleasant bite. For all those who love spicy recipes, check out our ideas for chilli chutneys, jams and sauces as well as chilli chicken, spicy noodle dishes and more.

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    I tasted this at my local market and wanted to replicate it. This recipe is very easy to make - use green or red chillies. Serve just as you would a chutney. It's fantastic with any hard cheese.

    Recipe by: Sue Delgrego

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    Vinegar, water, sugar, salt and garlic are all you need to make a big batch of pickled jalapenos that will add heat to your favourite meals.

    Recipe by: Simply Sundays!

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    Trout in foil parcels, baked with green chillies and lemon juice. An impressive presentation, and there's no washing up! Use red chillies if you prefer a little less heat.

    Recipe by: Denyse

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    Pueblo Indian tradition calls for the addition of corn or potatoes to this dish. Serve with a big green salad and a pile of warm tortillas. It also makes a wonderful filling for enchiladas.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    A great healthy winter warm up, packed full of goodness. Coconut cream is optional, but it does make a velvety soup.

    Recipe by: nikkie

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      Dersa (Algerian chilli paste)
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      Bacon jalapeno poppers

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