Mint recipes (127)

Fresh mint is endlessly versatile and adds a welcome edge to everything from salads to sauces. Find traditional mint sauce recipes, pea and mint soup, ways with mint and lamb, and much more in our mint recipe collection.

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Mint sauce
Mint sauce   (10)

Top mint recipes

3 reviews

A refreshing rum cocktail - perfect when you're having a summer party.

Recipe by: Xanthia

3 reviews

This cucumber raita is flavoured with fresh mint, fresh coriander and a touch of ground cumin. You'll be making this often!

Recipe by: manju

18 reviews

Cooked in the slow cooker. This is a perfect meal for when you return from work or lazy Sunday dinner. Delicious if served in a giant Yorkshire pudding. This is lush.

Recipe by: babyfroggy

8 reviews

A brilliantly easy mint sauce to serve with poppadoms or your favourite Indian snack. A must for curry night!

Recipe by: Lillith

11 reviews

Marrow is a type of squash or courgette which I prefer to cook as I cook other squashes like courgette or butternut squash.

Recipe by: thesmallestkitchen

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