Parsley recipes (55)

Parsley is at home in everything from sauces to salads. It can take centrestage on the plate or simply add freshness and colour to a dish. Find recipes for parsley sauce, parsley potatoes, parsley soup and much more.

Top parsley recipes

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Quick way to make your pasta super tasty! Can also just use as a spread over some pita bread, toast, or even a beef or chicken steak :)

Recipe by: Baje

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It's snowing outside as I type this so I've made a last minute recipe change to reflect the current climate - this simple dish can be thrown together really quickly when you get back from work and is ready in 2 hours. This really is a recipe that epitomises winter and the dumplings give it that extra stay indoors lift. Leeks are also well in season at the moment so let's take advantage of this classic vegetable and embrace the winter!

Recipe by: paulwarburs

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This classic sauce is best served with fresh fish. Make it just before you need to use it.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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You'll need decent sized chicken breasts when you are planning to make this. It's best if you're able to create a pocket in the fillet to hold the garlic butter - this will result in a much moister chicken kiev!

Recipe by: Ita

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A delicious vegetable soup made with a large bunch of fresh parsley. Perfect with brown soda bread or a cheese toastie! If you like, you can serve with a swirl of cream and a twist of black pepper.

Recipe by: Ita

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