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Nothing warms you right through better than a cheese fondue! The classic fondue with Gruyere and Emmental is always a hit at parties and surprisingly easy to make. Add a splash of kirsch for a traditional Swiss finish.

Recipe by: LenaM

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This is a classic Swiss tomato fondue, with Gruyere and Emmental cheeses.

Recipe by: CHICOMOM

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This is a creamy breakfast cereal made up the night before. Leaving it overnight softens and swells the oats. No cooking required. You only need to add some extra yoghurt on top if desired.

Recipe by: GERALDENE

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This recipe is an adapted version of the classic Swiss potato rosti. Grated potatoes are pan-fried with egg, cheese, garlic and onions to form one big rosti. Serve for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: stella

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This bread machine recipe is based on the classic recipe for Butterzopf, or Butter Bread, from Switzerland. Though not plaited like the original, it still tastes gorgeous with butter and jam. This recipe needs real butter - not margarine or a blend.

Recipe by: laridae

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Mousses, “i dolci al cucchiaio” (desserts eaten with a spoon), are the perfect way to finish a dinner with guests. I learned this type of preparation from a chef friend of my family who worked in Switzerland serving the Australian Ambassador. This mousse is prepared the day before and can also be frozen for up to 15 days. If you freeze the mousse, it is best to use individual moulds so that you thaw only the portions that you need to use.

Recipe by: wecookathome

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A is a hearty beef goulash that originates from Bern, Switzerland. It's got plenty of meat, vegetables and potatoes. It tastes even better the next day (even if most of it has been eaten by then...!).

Recipe by: gela

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These buttery lemon biscuits are traditional Christmas treats in Switzerland, usually made for Weihnachten (Christmas eve) and topped with sprinkles - but no worries, they can be enjoyed year-round! Give them a go for a differently sweet elevenses or afternoon tea treat.

Recipe by: Cindy

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Pork and beef meatballs flavoured with delicate herbs, spices and redcurrant jelly. Nice served with a creamy white wine sauce with rice and a dollop of redcurrant jelly on the side. Equally nice served just as they are with salad and chips.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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Rispor is a rice dish from Switzerland, made with either Uri or Sbrinz cheese. The name comes from the Italian words Riso and Porri - rice and leeks. It goes well stew or sausages. If you cannot find Uri or Sbrinz, use Gruyere or Emmental instead.

Recipe by: Corinna

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