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Find traditional Swiss recipes here, including authentic Swiss fondue, cheesy raclette, crisp rosti and lots more.

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Cheese fondue for me is not just any meal, but a wonderfully intimate meal with family or friends - cheese fondue is wonderfully filling and helps to reinforce the friendships of all those involved. The rule of thumb for the ratio of cheese to wine is: 200g cheese to 100ml wine.

Recipe by: Lilo

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Nothing warms you right through better than a cheese fondue! The classic fondue with Gruyere and Emmental is always a hit at parties and surprisingly easy to make. Add a splash of kirsch for a traditional Swiss finish.

Recipe by: LenaM

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This is a Swiss chocolate cheesecake that is asked for by my family and friends constantly! It is very rich and creamy and is SO simple to make with no baking required.

Recipe by: Bekkyboo

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This is a creamy breakfast cereal made up the night before. Leaving it overnight softens and swells the oats. No cooking required. You only need to add some extra yoghurt on top if desired.

Recipe by: GERALDENE

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This is a classic Swiss tomato fondue, with Gruyere and Emmental cheeses.

Recipe by: CHICOMOM

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