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    Find recipes featuring the nutritious Jerusalem artichoke, a delicately flavoured tuber in season from October to March. We have Jerusalem artichoke soup recipes and more.

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    This Jerusalem artichoke soup is wonderfully rich and creamy. Perfect in winter when Jerusalem artichokes are in season.

    Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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    This vegan Jerusalem artichoke soup is luscious and full of flavour, and a great way to use those Jerusalem artichokes that come in your veg box! You can easily make this soup with chicken stock, butter and regular milk or cream should you not want a vegan version. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: smallu

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    My vegetarian friends love this warming soup with its perfect blend of garlic, celery, onion, Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes. It makes a delicous meal with hearty homemade bread.

    Recipe by: Sarah

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    Looking like knobbly new potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes have a distinctive, yet delicate, flavour that goes well with other root vegetables, particularly in a smooth-textured soup. Sweetly aromatic caraway seeds complement the vegetable flavours and transform an unassuming, familiar dish into something rather special.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    That was my first attempt at making a recipe with Jerusalem artichokes and I am very excited about the finished dish. It is a fantastically simple recipe to savour when Jerusalem artichokes are in season.

    Recipe by: Annika

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    A lovely, warming and comforting, velvety smooth winter soup, with a delicate earthy flavour. To serve, I added some fried onion rings on top, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

    Recipe by: ellethebelle

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    Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, garlic and onion combine for a quick and easy soup that you can refine with cream or creme fraiche just before serving. If you skip the cream and use margarine and veg stock, this soup becomes vegan.

    Recipe by: MichaR

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    This soup combines the savoury flavors of leeks, spinach, Jerusalem artichokes, sausage, garlic, parsley, celery and potatoes. Serve it on a cold evening with a hearty piece of crusty of bread for a warming meal.

    Recipe by: serenadelorenzo

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    This is one of our family staples. It's very quick to prepare. Once all the ingredients are in the pot, all you do is wait for it to be cooked. Serve it over a mound of couscous. This dish is quite flexible so feel free to play around with the vegetable combination. Try this with fennel, turnip, mushrooms, etc.

    Recipe by: elisheva h

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    Jerusalem artichokes are available for such a short time. Enjoy them by simply roasting with olive oil, garlic and thyme.

    Recipe by: qwertycook

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