Rocket is healthy and versatile, welcome in everything from salads to pasta dishes to pesto sauce. Find recipes for rocket pesto, rocket pizza, rocket salad and lots more.

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    This very interesting salad is a great starter for entertaining. All measurements can be altered to taste.

    Recipe by: Tom Houlahan

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    Rich with the flavours of Tuscany, this robust pasta dish makes a great laid-back supper.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    15 reviews

    This is a delicious combination of ripe tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, garlic and rocket served on slices of toasted crusty bread. Great as a starter or for party nibbles.

    Recipe by: Esmee

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    A delicious, no-cook, impressive starter or canapé with smoked Scottish venison.

    Recipe by: LP

    1 review

    A salad of rocket and roasted beetroot mixed with a honey and shallot vinaigrette, topped with avocado and cheese, makes for a lovely looking and tasting dish.

    Recipe by: Camilla

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    This quiche is a creation that uses the powerfully hot outside leaves on your garden rocket plants. These leaves are seriously hot and peppery to eat raw, but work really well in this simple summery recipe. I use low fat soft cheese because a lot of rich food disagrees with me, but I am sure a full fat cheese would work well also.

    Recipe by: ChristineH

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    A super-quick and delicious pasta dish. Penne is tossed with goat's cheese, rocket and cherry tomatoes. It's the perfect dish to throw together when you have no time to cook.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    This salad is fantastic as a starter or a side dish, as there is a huge variety of flavours. You can also use green or brown lentils in this salad but Puy lentils seem to deliver more flavour, colour and texture. And you can also vary the types of salad leaves used, such as mixed leaves which taste very nice with the feta.

    Recipe by: coffeybean246

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    Our favourite - and simplest - fresh sauce for pasta. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and we came up with this scrumptious recipe 'specially for tomato season, after we discovered that planting all your tomatoes at the same time results in an awful lot of fresh tomatoes at once! This is a quick and easy way to use up a few, and it keeps brilliantly. Everyone we know is still going to get tomato chutney for Christmas this year, though. . .

    Recipe by: ThingsAtHome

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    A tangy garlic lemon vinaigrette plays well with mild halloumi cheese, which sears nicely without melting, over a bed of spicy rocket.

    Recipe by: alwayshungry

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