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    From sesame chicken to tahini in your houmous, sesame seeds are tiny but add big flavour. Enjoy sesame seeds in these recipes and more.

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    This is perfect for a picnic or barbecue. This salad packs a lot of flavour and is very hearty. You will get rave reviews with this one.

    Recipe by: Annie

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    Sweet, sticky and delicious - everyone will love this! Serve over rice and top with thinly sliced spring onions.

    Recipe by: MISSFAVOR

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    A simple, yet delicious Chinese-inspired noodle dish. Egg noodles are tossed in a delectable dressing, made from sesame oil, garlic, peanut butter, chilli, sesame seeds, light soy sauce, lime juice and fresh coriander. Serve hot or cold.

    Recipe by: honeyandspice

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    Sesame oil and sesame seeds add nutty goodness to stir-fried vegetables and prawns.

    Recipe by: Debbie

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    Peppers, tomatoes and a touch of chilli make a zesty combination to partner tuna steaks, which are baked with a crisp topping. Tagliatelle is a good accompaniment, along with a crisp mixed salad or lightly steamed broccoli.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Need a quick and easy side dish? Broccoli and green pepper are stir-fried in light sesame oil with sesame seeds.

    Recipe by: KRISTAB

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    Biscuit dough is lightly fragranced with ground cardamom and lemon extract, before being shaped and rolled in sesame seeds and baked. These biscuits are delicious with a cup of tea or coffee.

    Recipe by: Rosina

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    This delicate steamed cake is infused with the flavour of green tea, then decorated with black sesame seeds. Impressive dinner party fare.

    Recipe by: Helen Wong

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    Brighten up steamed broccoli with this dressing made from sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and toasted sesame seeds.

    Recipe by: Sara

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    This marinade works particularly well with any kind of fish, but especially tuna. After two hours of marinating, cook it under the grill and serve immediately.

    Recipe by: JFRESNO

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