Flax seeds (81)

    Flax seeds, also called linseeds, are full of fibre and a great addition to bread, salads, muffins and more. Find loads of ways with flax seeds here.

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    Making your own artisan crackers is extremely easy, and so delicious that they're well worth the effort! Wrap them up in a clear bag tied with a pretty ribbon for a food gift that is sure to impress any cheese lover!

    Recipe by: Jennifer Ranger

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    Golden syrup sweetens these flapjacks and they're studded with loads of fruit. No butter means they're healthier! Be imaginative with your mix of fruit - you can use everything from currants and raisins to diced dried mango, papaya and cherries and cranberries. I suggest using at least three to four different kinds of fruits.

    Recipe by: dudey

    131 reviews

    This ia a bread machine recipe for a light, nutty flavoured loaf - tastes great toasted in the morning!

    Recipe by: Donna Beth

    44 reviews

    This is my favourite bread! It is a bread machine recipe. You may substitute vegetable oil for flaxseed oil if desired.

    Recipe by: Susan Crowe

    146 reviews

    A healthy wholemeal bread with sunflower seeds, bulgur wheat and honey.

    Recipe by: Dee Dee

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