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    I usually use ripe peaches and lightly sugared berries, but any variation will work! Serve warm with ice cream, custard or whipped cream.

    Recipe by: Victor

    207 reviews

    This lemon tart is a lovely conclusion to an elegant dinner! I garnish slices with cream, a strawberry fan and a sprig of mint.

    Recipe by: Melissa

    8168 reviews

    This was my gran's apple pie recipe. I have never seen another apple pie quite like it. It will always be my favourite and has won me several first place prizes in local competitions. I hope this pie becomes one of your favourites as well!

    Recipe by: MOSHASMAMA

    7 reviews

    The bananas need to be very ripe for this recipe. The frozen yoghurt turned out very nice, I liked the tangy flavour of the yoghurt with the sweetness of the roasted bananas. I saved a banana and added in the last minute before turning the machine off. I did this because I like chunks of fruit in my ice cream or frozen yoghurt. You can skip this step and just add all the banana at once.

    Recipe by: ritaturner

    14 reviews

    Ripe mangoes steal the show in this easy peasy cheesecake recipe. The passion fruit at the end is of course optional, but it makes for an impressive presentation. Make it the day before so it can chill overnight. Use tinned mango if out of season.

    Recipe by: Mum2Boys

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