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    Perfectly scrambled eggs are always welcome for breakfast. We've foolproof scrambled egg recipes, as well as lots of ideas for scrambled eggs with a twist.

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    The trick to the perfect scrambled egg is not to over-cook. It is important that seasonings are added at the last minute. The butter used is unmeasured because you can add more or less butter depending on taste. Scrambled egg should be slightly runny, not solid.

    Recipe by: BigBadDan

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    The secret to this scrambled egg recipe is the mayonnaise. Constant stirring and keeping a close eye on the eggs, will ensure that you will not overcook them. The resulting scrambled eggs are creamy, fluffy and light.

    Recipe by: WHATS HIS FACE

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    Moreish scrambled eggs with a bite for one. Eat with strong coffee.

    Recipe by: Luceemm

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    Looking for new breakfast or brunch ideas? Try this cheesy scrambled egg with a little pesto stirred in. I like it on granary toast.

    Recipe by: SOPHIAWADE

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    A very easy way to add variety to scrambled eggs. Delicious atop a hearty wholegrain toast.

    Recipe by: Kerry

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