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    Perfectly scrambled eggs are always welcome for breakfast. We've foolproof scrambled egg recipes, as well as lots of ideas for scrambled eggs with a twist.

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    Looking for new breakfast or brunch ideas? Try this cheesy scrambled egg with a little pesto stirred in. I like it on granary toast.

    Recipe by: SOPHIAWADE

    2 reviews

    Simple curried egg recipe with onion and potato. Perfect for any time of the day. Enjoy with white bread.

    Recipe by: SallsKitchen

    551 reviews

    These light and fluffy scrambled eggs are great for serving a big crowd. I usually make them this way for Christmas morning and I never have much left over!

    Recipe by: Erin

    1 review

    I tried scrambled eggs in a hotel which added soured cream to them at the whisking stage. I have since experimented and come up with this, which is sublime if I dare say so! And also very easy.

    Recipe by: shazam21

    5 reviews

    The fried garlic in this dish is so unbelievably delicious!!

    Recipe by: iragnw

    1 review

    Creamy scrambled eggs with a hot toasted muffin! This is a very satisfying breakfast, lunch or snack.

    Recipe by: aran2002

    7 reviews

    The Nepalese version of scrambled eggs: fried red onions, exotic spices and fresh coriander combined with fluffy scrambled eggs. Served on toast, these eggs make a great alternative to a fry up.

    Recipe by: Melanie Booth

    3 reviews

    This foolproof egg dish is quick and easy to make. It's also extremely versatile. Beaten eggs are mixed with cheese, garlic and bacon, then microwaved twice.

    Recipe by: johnlmac1956

    2 reviews

    This is my favourite scrambled egg recipe for brunch. We always have it in our brunch gathering. It's just delicious!

    Recipe by: iragnw

    1 review

    Scrambled eggs become a tasty treat when cooked with fresh herbs, spices and a splash of lime juice.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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