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Find recipes for all of your favourite oily fish, including salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, tuna and more.

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A delicious sticky glaze is brushed on top of salmon fillets before they are baked in the oven. A quick and easy solution for dinner any night of the week!

Recipe by: ISYBEL

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A paste is made with loads of garlic, fresh dill and olive oil. This is rubbed onto salmon fillets and left to marinate for a few hours before you cook them. The herb paste is wonderful with salmon but will work well on halibut or cod too!

Recipe by: Syd

10 reviews

Seared fish steaks are a Cajun tradition. This is such a simple yet delicious way to prepare tuna, and it's ready in minutes.

Recipe by: Denys

6 reviews

There couldn't be a better way to prepare fresh trout. Serve with creamy mash and sautéed Swiss chard.

Recipe by: Lola

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This baked salmon recipe is easy but impressive, and utterly delicious. Salmon fillets are topped with butter, lemon, rosemary and garlic, then with Parmesan rosemary breadcrumbs, and baked till golden.

Recipe by: Dianne

Oily fish videos

BBQ stuffed trout
BBQ stuffed trout
Spicy tuna roll
Spicy tuna roll
Three ways with smoked salmon
Three ways with smoked salmon

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