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The flatfish family of fish include halibut, plaice and sole. Find loads of recipes for your favourite flatfish varieties here.

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Few classy meals could be quicker and simpler. Dover sole is a real treat and its superb taste can be fully appreciated when it is cooked this way. New potatoes with fresh mint and baby leaf spinach complement this most elegant of fish dishes. Dover sole are usually sold skinned and cleaned.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This dish melts in your mouth. The credit goes to my future mother-in-law. Not only does it taste gorgeous, but halibut is a sustainably sourced fish. Each halibut fillet should be approximately an inch thick. Substitute crème fraîche for the double cream for a lighter dish.

Recipe by: Susan W.

3 reviews

An Italian-inspired fish supper, which is simple to make and incredibly healthy. Plaice fillets are baked with lemon juice, tomato, basil and garlic granules.

Recipe by: SUE416

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Known as Piccata di pesce in Italy, this is a deliciously light fish dish that's ready in under 15 minutes.

Recipe by: Erinn

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The flaky filo pastry crust keeps the halibut moist and delicious. For a nicer presentation, cut halibut in half at an angle before placing on sauce.

Recipe by: JAYDA

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