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Find homemade mayonnaise recipes here, including the classic variety as well as garlic aioli, herbed mayonnaise and more.

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Aioli is basically garlic mayonnaise. It's a famous classic French sauce from Provence which was traditionally made with olive oil and alot of garlic. My version uses less garlic and a mixture of oils for a more palatable flavour. It's absolutely fantastic in a bacon sarnie!

Recipe by: grubdaily

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Have you ever tried to make mayonnaise? So many rules to follow! Well, luckily, the electric hand blender was invented and in 30 seconds you can have wonderful mayonnaise!

Recipe by: Paola

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This is the way that we have made mayonnaise for years and years in my family, before commercial mayonnaise was sold so cheaply. It's always delicious!


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Use this recipe for a cheat's garlic aioli as a dipping sauce for fish cakes, or to spread on sandwiches. It's ready in minutes and is full of flavour, and no one will know you've used shop-bought mayo!

Recipe by: Jeff and Justine

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Homemade mayonnaise made with olive oil and a hint of mustard that adds a special touch to dishes you use it with.

Recipe by: Raven

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