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Peruvian food is full of diversity and flavour. Find easy and authentic Peruvian recipes, including ceviche, pisco drinks and lots more.

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There isn't an easier way to make an authentic Peruvian dish in your own kitchen than this comforting dish. The whole family will love it and before you know it you'll be making it once a week!

Recipe by: Perricholi

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Known as arroz con pollo. This dish is a meal in one. It takes a variety of chicken pieces, which are cooked together with rice and peppers. If you like your arroz con pollo hot, add more chillies.

Recipe by: Katie

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Succulent and spicy pork made by marinating pork shoulder in vinegar, cumin, turmeric, garlic, orange juice and onion. The pork is then pan-seared and cooked in the marinade, until fork tender. Delicious served with rice.

Recipe by: Kimber

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Known as aguadito de pollo. This chicken, rice and potato soup is not only hearty, it's also exceptionally delicious. If you like your food hot, add more chillies.

Recipe by: Jose Mendoza

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This Peruvian ceviche is the best you will ever taste. It is an easy way to make a no-cook starter for a special dinner party or summer barbecue. Everyone is guaranteed to love it and you will too!

Recipe by: Ana O.

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This hearty soup from Peru is known as Sopa Criolla and is made with easy to find ingredients from your local supermarket.

Recipe by: Allen Goforth

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This drink is popular in Chile and Peru. It's made by shaking together lemon juice, sugar, pisco and ice cubes. It's refreshing and the perfect summer drink to enjoy all year long.

Recipe by: Rupert B

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The refreshing fresh fish dish which originated in Peru, ceviche is traditionally some version of fresh raw fish, citrus juices and chillies. This one includes sashimi grade tuna, lemon juice, fresh ginger root and spring onions and jalapeño. All tossed together, then chilled until ready to serve. Delicious.

Recipe by: POOPY SHOES

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Ají is the classic Peruvian condiment, a spicy hot sauce that goes well with almost any Peruvian dish.

Recipe by: doch83

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