Tilapia is a sustainable, economical fish that is versatile to boot. Enjoy tilapia in place of cod for fish and chips, or make an elegant dinner party main - we have loads of easy and delicious tilapia recipes to choose from.

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    A highly flavoursome dish made from peppers, carrots, tomatoes, olives, chickpeas and tilapia. It may be served hot or cold, according to your own preference.

    Recipe by: MaryJane

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    This is a simple yet delicious way to prepare fish. Tilapia fillets are simmered in a lightly spiced coconut curry, made with lemongrass, ginger, turmeric and crushed chillies.

    Recipe by: TINY POEM

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    A super-tasty way of preparing tilapia fillets. They are coated in a ground almonds and Parmesan and pan-fried to perfection. Enjoy with a side salad or with potatoes, rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: Michelle Woolf

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    This tilapia recipe is delicious and ready in just 30 minutes. The fresh flavours of tomatoes, white wine and capers complete the dish. If asparagus isn't in season, you could use another green veg, like broccoli or even spinach.

    Recipe by: Elizabeth

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    Lightly sweet and fresh tilapia is baked on top of butternut squash and asparagus, then topped with mozzarella cheese. Perfect served with rice or mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: LARMIAK

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    A lovely recipe for sole, which is so simple to make, yet very impressive. Ready in just 30 minutes! This recipe can also be made with tilapia. You could also use tinned crab meat instead of fresh.

    Recipe by: Chesapeake Baybe

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    This is a light and delicate dish, that's perfect anytime of the week. Talipia is spread with a tomato-olive oil paste, then baked with onions and green peppers, before being dotted with butter and grilled.

    Recipe by: Tiny Poem

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    Ceviche is Peru's national dish, and although found in other countries, the Peruvian version is widely considered to be 'The Daddy'. Simple to prepare and quick to 'cook' (it isn't raw after all, the lime juice cooks the fish). The rocoto chilli is what lifts this dish to being authentically Peruvian instead of just a western take on a real classic.

    Recipe by: VivaPeruUK

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    In this easy recipe, fish fillets are coated in mustard and onion, then baked. Very versatile and easy. Works just as well with other types of fish fillets, including Vietnamese river cobbler, salmon, trout, haddock, etc.

    Recipe by: JENN259

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    A delicious Cajun gumbo made with tilapia that will have your mouth watering for more. Catfish or cod can be used instead of tilapia. Okra - also known as ladies' fingers - is a staple in the American South, as well as in Indian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern cooking. Enjoy this easy but exotic fish stew!

    Recipe by: LNYNY

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