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An utterly delicious apple pie that looks beautiful when you decorate the top with a pastry lattice.

Recipe by: nanda

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We all love stroopwafels with a cup of coffee or tea - a favourite Dutch treat. Try making them at home with this recipe!

Recipe by: Magda

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Make this apple cake in autumn when local apples are at their best. A light sponge cake is topped with apples, sugar and cinnamon before being baked to perfection.

Recipe by: Carol

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A wonderfully spiced Dutch apple cake. In the Netherlands speculaas spices are quite common in baking round this time of the year (October, November and December). This recipe is one of my own, after a few trial bakes I've been very happy with this result!

Recipe by: MartijnvanSabben

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These Dutch treats are known as boterkoek, literally translated to buttercake. The bars are similar to soft shortbread-like cookies. They are rich, buttery and incredibly delicious. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Recipe by: Sandra Bennett

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