Goat is an extremely lean meat and a great alternative to lamb. It's at home in almost any curry, with Jamaican goat curry a particular favourite, though Indian curries commonly feature goat, too. If you like lamb, give goat a try!

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A wonderfully flavourful versatile spicy curry with Indian and Jamaican influences. Goat or mutton is marinated overnight for depth of flavour, then slowly cooked for at least 5 hours to create truly irresistible, melt-in-the-mouth meat and a dish to warm the soul.

Recipe by: yummymummy27

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Jamaican goat curry is a national dish. Shows the Indian influence in Jamaica. Tasty served with rice and peas and fried plantain.

Recipe by: SloeWolf

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This is a spicy goat stew recipe that originates from the Dutch Antilles. Goat stewing meat is simmered with onion, red pepper, tomato, sweet soy sauce, nutmeg and paprika. Sweet soy sauce can be found in larger supermarkets; Cook's is a popular brand.

Recipe by: Linda

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I would love to have an authentic story behind this dish but truth is, despite visiting the Caribbean a number of times, I first heard of and tried goat curry at Turtle Bay restaurant in Southampton. It’s all about the all-spice for me and I use quite a lot. Of course it’s just a guide so it’s worth experimenting with for your own taste. The thing I love about curry is that it always tastes better a few days later. Make a big batch for days when you’re pushed for time. Reheated food is the best fast food.

Recipe by: kinectmethod

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A delicious Keralan curry. Black pepper is found in abundance in Kerala and coupled with curry leaves it takes goat to a whole new level. Serve with rasam and rice or with rotis. You may substitute lamb for the goat if you wish.

Recipe by: Tarama

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An aromatic, comforting curry made in the pressure cooker. In India, this curry is normally made with kid goat meat but you could also use lamb. If you don't have a pressure cooker, adjust cooking time and simmer on low heat for 2 or 3 hours or until meat is tender. Add potatoes for the last hour.

Recipe by: piku

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The classic Indian dish made with goat. It's the homemade curry paste that makes this curry stand out from the rest. Serve over freshly cooked rice and naan bread, if desired.

Recipe by: Katch22

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This Jamaican one-pot meal has marinated cubes of goat, flavoured with spicy chillies, curry powder and garlic, slow cooked with potatoes, onions and celery until tender.

Recipe by: Roxy

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Goat meat marinated in a sauce with ancho chillies and spices, then slowly braised until soft. This traditional dish known as "birria" is always accompanied with refried beans and corn tortillas, and is normally served for special occasions.

Recipe by: HildaM

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This well-spiced stew of goat and butternut squash is a great cold-weather dish and may become a new favourite!

Recipe by: NMHeckel

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