Blueberry cheesecake

    Blueberries seem meant for cheesecake, and we have loads of blueberry cheesecake recipes that prove just that. Find baked blueberry cheesecake recipes as well as super simple no-bake cheesecakes.

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    The base of this cheesecake is made with digestive biscuits and almonds. It has a rich, white chocolate cheescake layer which tastes devine with this gorgeous blueberry and lemon sauce. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Scott M.

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    Compared to most cheesecake recipes, this version isn’t particularly high in fat, as it uses cottage and curd cheeses instead of the traditional cream cheese, and is lightened by folding in whisked egg whites before baking. The delectable filling is set atop a crunchy digestive biscuit and oat base.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    I personally prefer cheesecake with something other than a digestive biscuit base. This shortbread base is delicious and I love all of the fresh blueberries in this recipe!

    Recipe by: QueenofSuburbs

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    Different to your average British cheesecake as it is baked in the oven instead of being left to set. Yet just as if not more delicious!

    Recipe by: BigIssueInTheNorth

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    This luscious cheesecake is topped with blueberries, and can be made any time of the year thanks to frozen blueberries. Use fresh blueberries if in season!

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

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    My family loves blueberries and cheesecake so combining both in one cake is only natural.

    Recipe by: anton

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    Cheesecake with a fruit topping does not look so pretty once it's cut so I came up with these mini cheesecakes.

    Recipe by: nch

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    Blueberries are a perfect addition to cheesecakes with their delicate flavours and charming colour. This no bake, gelatine and egg free cheesecake is best enjoyed in summer using fresh, plump in-season berries.

    Recipe by: Adele

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    This delightful blueberry mascarpone cheesecake is baked and uses a fresh blueberry purée for maximum flavour.

    Recipe by: TaraMor

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    These lovely blueberry cheesecake slices are baked as a traybake then sliced into squares to serve. Use fresh summer blueberries for the best result.

    Recipe by: ArthurJones

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