Madeira cake

Bake a traditional Madeira cake with any of our tried-and-tested recipes from home cooks across the country. We have the classic Madeira cake as well as chocolate Madeira cake, lemon Madeira cake and more.

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This cake is perfect for if you are going to cut a shape it, an example being the Fearless lion cake which I have already submitted as a recipe.

Recipe by: becki_is_cooking_cookies

22 reviews

A plain madeira sponge cake made with simple ingredients. You can never go wrong with this Madeira cake.

Recipe by: fifilb

11 reviews

This Madeira cake has a firm crust but a light and moist inside with a generous hint of vanilla.

Recipe by: shannonecody

7 reviews

Soft, moist Madeira cake is lovingly infused with plump and sweet glacé cherries giving this classic sponge cake a lovely combination of flavours.

Recipe by: therealfrodo

7 reviews

Chocolate Madeira cake is sure to satisfy all of the chocolate lovers out there! Moist, rich and ideal for cake sales, picnics or afternoon tea - this cake is a real crowd pleaser.

Recipe by: oompahloompa

6 reviews

This Madeira cake is easy to make, delicious and they will all be coming back for more! No-fuss Madeira cake with traditional ingredients - butter, flour, sugar, eggs, flour and a hint of lemon.

Recipe by: Miranda-Amanda

8 reviews

This all butter Madeira is the perfect all purpose cake! Here the cake has been transformed into a classic red telephone box and a Royal Mail postbox, with a street lamp to boot.

Recipe by: Una

1 review

Lemon citrus takes centre stage in this soft and moist lemon Madeira loaf cake ideal for afternoon tea or a Mother's Day celebration.

Recipe by: NibblerMars

2 reviews

A really easy and classic cake that's always well received. This will become your staple Madeira cake recipe, guaranteed! Use your favourite rum for the recipe. You can also use brandy if you feel like something different.

Recipe by: gela

1 review

Vibrant, plump and juicy limes are the twist in this classic Madeira sponge cake. This loaf cake is soft, moist and utterly delicious anytime of day!

Recipe by: huffyboo

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