Cherry loaf cake

From chocolate cherry loaf cake to a simple loaf cake studded with ruby glace cherries, find all of your favourite recipes here.

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Soft, moist Madeira cake is lovingly infused with plump and sweet glacé cherries giving this classic sponge cake a lovely combination of flavours.

Recipe by: therealfrodo

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Fruity loaf cake ideal for afternoon tea! Coating the cherries with flour before stirring in keeps them from sinking.

Recipe by: Tammie21

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Quick easy loaf with glace cherries which will go down a treat with everyone, much better than a bought loaf.

Recipe by: Cheeky_cook

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This dark chocolate and cherry loaf cake is rather sinful, yet incredibly moreish and perfect for satisfying both the chocolate and cherry cake cravings in one fell swoop!

Recipe by: MrsMJones

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A fruity loaf cake to enjoy with a cuppa anytime. Make one loaf to enjoy now, and freeze the other for later!

Recipe by: MarlowMethodistChurch

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This lovely freezer-friendly banana and cherry loaf is incredibly tasty and best served sliced, warm or cold.

Recipe by: JamieS

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A moist yoghurt cake studded with dried cherries. Using yoghurt means you can cut down on oil. On holiday, we bought dried cherries and I put them in a cake scented with almond, and here's the recipe! A sweet treat that makes a nice alternative to other fruit cakes.

Recipe by: fabrice

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Fresh cherries are baked into a quick loaf cake moistened with yoghurt and speckled with poppy seeds.

Recipe by: atsirou

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One of the best cakes for afternoon tea. Ground almonds in the cake mixture create a moist, rich crumb.

Recipe by: FW

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