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    Find recipes for healthy, vibrant kale salads, including massaged kale salads, citrus kale salads, and kale potato salads.

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    This delicious salad is made with protein rich whole grain spelt. It is very versatile. Don't have kale? Substitute chard or another green. No red cabbage? Use a different variety, or just skip it.

    Recipe by: Syd

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    Kale, quinoa, red pepper, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese and avocado are served with a homemade Dijon mustard and lemon vinaigrette in this brilliant salad. Steaming the kale removes some of the bitterness and the salad dressing ties all the flavours together beautifully.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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    A simple yet delicious Italian potato salad made with 3 main ingredients: dark green kale, waxy potatoes and garlic. Serve warm.

    Recipe by: Erinn

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    Chopped kale is massaged with salt to soften the leaves, then tossed with apple cider vinegar. Add diced apple, currants, pine nuts and feta cheese and you will have a delicious and nutritious salad. If you enjoy it and end up making it again, try changing the ingredients for some variety: add a pear instead of an apple, cranberries instead of currants, Parmesan instead of feta, etc. Great as a side dish or by itself the next day for lunch!

    Recipe by: Leslie

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    The sweet, earthy flavour of roasted beetroot complements the robust taste of fresh kale in a salad that makes a great side dish or a light meal. It is also a salad that will keep you feeling satisfied longer than most.

    Recipe by: sabrinabean7


    • Kale, quinoa and avocado salad | Video recipe
      Kale, quinoa and avocado salad | Video recipe

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